Le blah, blah du Président: L’année change, le discours ne troc pas…

Il y a tout juste un an, le 31 décembre 2012, complet bleu cravate bleue, François Hollande, tout nouveau tout normal président de la République, adressait pour la première fois ses vœux aux Français. De cette intervention, encore dans toutes les mémoires, on se contentera donc de rappeler les passages les plus significatifs dans la colonne de gauche.

Hier soir 31 décembre 2013, cravate bleue complet bleu, un peu usé sur les bords (le Président, pas le complet), François Hollande adressait pour la deuxième fois ses vœux aux Français. À défaut de retranscrire ici l’intégralité de son discours, nous nous bornerons à en citer les extraits les plus importants dans la colonne de droit :

Le 31 décembre 2012

Le 31 décembre 2013

« Mes chers compatriotes,« Crise historique, dette, chômage… situation difficile… pacte de compétitivité… inversion de la courbe du chômage dès 2013… maîtriser la finance… justice fiscale… contribution exceptionnelle… demander davantage à ceux qui gagnent le plus… justice sociale… hausse du SMIC, augmentation du RSA, allocation de rentrée, retraite à soixante ans… priorité absolue à l’emploi… 150.000 emplois aidés… contrats de génération…moderniser la France… aller de l’avant… le cap est fixé… réformes de société, mariage pour tous… présente partout… Afghanistan, Syrie, Mali, 88 soldats morts pour la France et plus de 700 blessés… hommage… nos otages… solitude… solidarité

« Vive la République et vive la France ! »

« Mes chers compatriotes,« Année intense, année difficile… crise encore plus profonde que prévu… impôts lourds, trop lourds… chômage encore trop élevé… tendance à s’améliorer… pacte de responsabilité… allégement des charges… embaucher… réduire la dépense publique… faire mieux avec moins… simplifier la vie, les démarches administratives… transition énergétique… lutter contre le réchauffement climatique… intransigeant face au racisme, à l’antisémitisme, aux discriminations… tout faire pour l’emploi… solidarité… justice sociale… sécurité… indépendance de la justice… décentralisation… plus de pouvoir aux collectivités… réorganisation territoriale… initiatives avec l’Allemagne… faire progresser la construction européenne… Mali, Syrie, Centrafrique… 9 soldats sont tombés… exception culturelle, droits de l’homme… nos otages… aimer la France, fier d’être français… talent, énergie… un grand peuple, une grande histoire…

« Vive la République et vive la France ! »

Pour marquer la fin de l’année qui s’ouvre aujourd’hui, complet bleu cravate bleue, François Hollande, président de la République à mi-parcours de son quinquennat, adressera pour la troisième fois ses vœux aux Français, le 31 décembre prochain.

Parmi les passages les plus importants de son allocution, on peut d’ores et déjà retenir :« Mes chers compatriotes… » et « Vive la République et vive la France ! » Le reste sans changement.


Liberalism, secularism, Sarkozyism….

Two words are very dear to politicians: liberalism and secularism. Political opinions are never constant.  The definitions of these words are adopted to meet one’s convenience and context.

Iran was a Zoroastrian nation. Parsis was the religion. The Arabs conquered it in 640 AD. In just 15 years they converted 100% of then then population of 11 million to Islam. The present demography is 76 million. Muslims amount to 99.4% of its population. Hard core sharia is the law of the land. Intrinsic to its belief there can be no other liberty than Islamic percepts. Secular values follow the same principle. Yet liberalism paves its way to politics there too.

President Hassan Rohani subtly showed his desire to reach out: to the 0.4% minorities internally; this made the external world to look at him as a reformer. He was, later to his election, receiving a warm welcome at the UN General Assembly. He continues: President Rohani extended Christmas greetings to some 300,000 Christians through tweeter: something unimaginable in the country of the ayatollahs.

In our country that boasts itself of multi ethnicity, entwined into multicultural, which interlaced in its turn to  multi cultism, all interlinked in a web called Republic of France and the Navarre, it is no different. President Hollande – every other politician for that matter – never fail to greet with magnanimity the Muslims – French and foreign – on the occasion of Eid and Abrahamic feast. Here too twitter is the medium. Whereas our same liberal and secular President was not to greet people of his own faith-by-birth on Christmas! A dedicated adviser reminded him on how bad the common man did take his selective liberalism last year when he conveniently abstained from. Francois, the President reluctantly wished, just in the last hour on Wednesday, happy celebrations without alluding to any Jesuit religious word: in his mind he thinks  he is appreciated for his laic stance! Common men and women are not idiots to not to see through his double game!

Yet again in our dear country : Sarkozy, the past President, on Tuesday itself greeted in his own style. He, through his face-book where he has some 900,000 friends thanked them for standing behind him in his hard times in 2013, then, to say “wishes for a wonderful celebration” and then on to conclude his message with the following words: “Be assured that I will always be amid you’:

Jésus christ has said to His disciples and followers: Wherever I shall be, you will be there too, I am the Path, the resurrection and the very life. The other President Francois Mitterrand in his concluding speech at the end of his 14 years rule did say “I believe in that power and its spirit!”

Every politician in every country makes his own definition of liberalism and secularism to his convenience.  

Of all these, there is something that needs to be read in-between the lines: it is the hidden message of Nicholas Sarkozy: he the President that he was, he was elected out by the people who seem to realize their fatal error of judgment – as a result to have replaced by the present incumbent – an incompetent not even fit enough to be a trainee – want to see their act as an accident in the country’s political History. So, let it be said to all those who thought Sarkozy to have died politically on the 6th May 2012, that he will not wait till 2017 to resurrect: Sarkozy is not to abandon his politics and his countrymen.  Not only liberalism and secularism are concepts of convenience. A politician’s political longevity is also a concept of perception by the voters. There is no political death to any politician in his life time.

One thing is permanent in life: Change. You hear me President Hollande?

One thing is permanent in life: change. Every change carries hope in it. Each ray of hope is for betterment. It is not so long ago, in 2012, we heard “the change, it’s for now”. He promised. More than 18 million people believed him. France elected François Hollande as President.

What did he not say “to hope” during the campaign! What is he not doing, after assuming power, to undo his calls “to hope for”! The gap between the hope projected and his projects to fulfill “the hopes” is so wide. Hope on hoping has grown hopeless: hatred is replaced. Indignation has crept in. As much people who elected him are ready for a revolution: the very economic and social conditions for which hope was pinned on him, he has taken them to doldrums: a national crisis is not an exaggeration; a general societal revolution is not far off; every citizen murmur “what a fool to have believed him”? The situation disintegrates day by day; alarming indicators speak week after week; the writing on the wall gets bigger and bigger month after month. The reason: President Hollande has neither the charisma nor the authority for the Office. He has proven at every occasion that he is, certainly not, the providential man that the Gaullist people awaited for!

Ever since his assuming power in March 2012, everything he did has been revealing he is a misfit for the post. The year 2013 has brought to broad day light, his utter incompetence. Certainly the Great de Gaulle should have turned himself upside down in his tomb: Hollande proves he is amateurish besides being inept.

He promised to accompany the small and medium enterprises (SME).  It is they who contribute for our economy: they very much need the Governments reforms to liberate them with easing of social charges, flexibility in working hours, dose the structural norms proportionate to domestic realities. No efforts are made in favor. Instead, he has asphyxiated them. He promised to work for precocity: his actions make young talents flee the country. He promised to alleviate poverty: INSEE, in its 3 quarter report says people below poverty line have increased by 12% only in the last 3 months. Since 2012, France has made, in addition, 30% people poorer to its existing level of 25%. Thus 55% of the population are poor under his watch!

The list is non-exhaustive. Nothing positive can be said at all? He has kept, so far, one promise: he said he will assemble the French people. He let that to happen; the whole society has assembled to voice their frustrations!

President Hollande was not the first choice of the socialists. His luck pushed in where DSK pulled himself out his lucky chance with disgraceful acts! Many knew that President Hollande did not have the required competence: people said to give him time to settle down. These 21 months in power he has well settled down through ample demonstrations on how unskillful, he is, to take charge of his responsibility, to assume power; his incapacity to govern: his goof-ups in chain; his immediate associates proved to be fraudsters’; a minister Cahuzac has shown himself, an incorrigible liar….Even here, one may argue that it was not the fault of President Hollande. Certainly, it is the fault of the socialist party to which he belongs to!

In 2014, the situation is all set to go worst. Several SME are on the verge of shutting up: whose fault after all? May I say, at this yearend, Mr. President, it is time that you showed courage not to be hen-pecked to EU; to show that you have a spine not to always lean on and say always a blind amen to Brussels and Washington! Above all these, the best will be that you resign and go, what say President Hollande?

La FED change de tête : et les casse-têtes et les fed-ups changent-ils? …

Ben Bernanke. Je soupçonne que ce nom est totalement inconnu pour la majorité des Français, tout autant d’ailleurs que celui de son prédécesseur – Alan Greenspan – auquel il succéda à la tête de la Réserve fédérale américaine le 31 janvier 2006, et que Janet Yellen, qui prendra sa suite fin janvier 2014. Pour les milieux financiers, au contraire, il est certainement le personnage au monde le plus important, et pour cause : c’est lui qui décide de la politique monétaire des États-Unis ou, pour simplifier, de la quantité de dollars en circulation. Régulièrement classé par le magazine Forbes parmi les 10 premières personnalités les plus influentes de la planète, désigné homme de l’année en 2009 par Time Magazine, il aurait tout aussi bien pu revendiquer cet honneur en 2013, puisque avant lui jamais le patrimoine des « riches » n’avait atteint de tels sommets. L’indécence a aussi ses limites.

Petit retour en arrière. Nous sommes au cours de la première décennie de ce siècle. Bernanke est encore dans l’ombre d’Alan Greenspan. Ils ont, entre autres missions, la charge de veiller à la bonne santé du système bancaire américain. Leur réputation est au zénith. Pourtant, nous sommes en pleine folie des « subprimes », ces produits toxiques qui vont permettre aux banquiers d’encaisser des bonus faramineux tout en empilant des risques inconsidérés. Quelques financiers avisés et honnêtes – oui, ça existe – ont beau tirer la sonnette d’alarme, ils sont ignorés. Il ne faut surtout pas tuer la poule aux œufs d’or. La suite, vous la connaissez.

À l’automne 2008, Bernanke, devenu gouverneur, n’a plus qu’à sortir le gros bazooka ; en l’occurrence, faire marcher la planche à billets : plus de 3 000 milliards de dollars en 5 ans, soit 20 % du PIB des États-Unis. Pour certains, son bilan est positif, il a réussi à éviter l’apocalypse. Pour d’autres, dont je suis, il ne fait que retarder l’échéance. Les dollars coulent à flots, mais plutôt que d’entraîner le moteur de l’économie réelle, ils s’accumulent dans une bulle financière gigantesque. Pire, la Fed est aujourd’hui dans une impasse. Si elle ferme brutalement le robinet, une nouvelle crise est certaine, plus terrible encore que celle de 2008. A contrario, si elle continue d’accumuler dans son bilan du papier obligataire, la moindre remontée des taux pourrait lui être fatale, ce qui aurait pour effet un effondrement total du dollar. Pour nous Français, cela signifie le choix entre un CAC 40 en dessous de 2 000 ou l’euro au-dessus de 1,60 dollar et, dans un cas comme dans l’autre, un ou deux millions de chômeurs supplémentaires.

Cette patate brûlante va donc maintenant passer dans les mains d’une femme, Janet Yellen. Comme Bernanke, comme Greenspan, elle arrive précédée d’une excellente réputation, ce qui en langage décodé signifie que pour elle, comme pour tous ses prédécesseurs, Wall Street passe avant « main street ». Nous verrons.


Nous connaissons déjà le low-cost terrestre et aérien, mais l’Inde nous annonce que la conquête spatiale du pauvre est possible. Ainsi, le mardi 5 novembre dernier, l’engin spatial le moins cher du monde a décollé, direction Mars.

Le compte à rebours du décollage a officiellement commencé deux jours plus tôt, à l’occasion de Deepavali, fête hindoue des lumières. À bord de la fusée, la sonde Mangalyaan, qui a pour but, comme presque toutes les missions sur Mars, de déterminer si la vie est, ou a été présente sur la planète rouge.

Conçue et produite en un temps record, et à bas prix, du « made in China »en quelque sorte, à ce détail près que la qualité est au rendez-vous. « Ne la sous-estimez pas parce que c’est une mission bon marché et pionnière ; il y a du low-cost, il y a de l’innovation et tout le monde cherche aujourd’hui à réaliser des missions à bas coût », affirme Pallava Bagla, journaliste scientifique indien.

Pour réussir cet exploit, l’ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) a dû faire preuve de génie. Avec une sonde pas plus grosse qu’une Citroën C1, et donc trop peu puissante pour atteindre Mars, les ingénieurs ont eu l’idée de la faire tourner autour de la Terre pendant un mois, afin qu’elle prenne assez de vitesse. Même la NASA est impressionnée : « Nous ne pensions pas que l’Inde serait capable d’envoyer [la sonde] si rapidement », déclare Joe Grebowsky, scientifique américain travaillant sur la prochaine mission américaine pour Mars (projet MAVEN).

Un passé lourd de déconvenues est à l’origine de cette mission spatiale hors normes. L’enchaînement d’échecs, en 2009, perte de contact avec la sonde Chandrayaan, ou encore, en 2010, explosion au décollage d’un lanceur. Mais l’Inde n’est pas le seul pays asiatique à ne pas avoir réussi à approcher cette destination si convoitée, la Chine ainsi que le Japon ont eux aussi subi pareils déboires.

Cette première mission indienne est aussi à but politique, elle permettrait à New Delhi de prendre le dessus sur Pékin, qui a échoué lors du lancement de la sonde russo-chinoise en 2011 ; et ainsi devenir le premier pays asiatique à étudier la planète Mars. De plus, cette réussite aiderait l’Inde à affirmer sa réputation industrielle et technologique. Petite piqûre de rappel : l’Inde produit la voiture la moins chère du monde et se place comme le leader de l’innovation low-cost, certes, la level-conquest aussi!

Fin du duopole américano-russe, pour finir : l’espace appartient désormais à tous les pays, ceux qui émergent surtout.

What else is this if not a cold blooded murder?

Alep is the second biggest city in Syria. Mohammad Qatar lived there. He was 15 years old. He was neither a child nor an adult. Yet he worked to make his living. He walked along with his kettle to ell coffee. He was really successful. He had regular customers. Many liked to discuss with him.

The Syrian police arrested him last Friday night. They hit him. They tortured him the whole of Saturday through Sunday till they brought him in front of the same shop where the police brought in people to witness. They also forced the parents of Mohammed to be there and to assist: under the live eyes of all, the police shot Mohammed on his mouth and a second one on his fore head to ensure him dead!  

Why and what was his crime? The cursed Mohammed lived in what they call as “liberated zone” where the Sharia is said to be the law! The articulate Mohammed while replying one of his client said “even if the prophet comes in front of me, I will not believe the existence of God “. For these words he was shot dead! The assassinators self-defined themselves as liberators announced while and after shooting “Whoever dares to question Allah and Sharia are blasphemers and will face the same fate”, they said. Dudes understand who can! A bon entendeur, salut!

This is Syria today. Many Mohammeds are massacred in the name of mad religion! Fanatic Islamists satiate their murderous thirst in the name of religion of peace!

In Paris, almost the same time, a boy of similar age was killed. This boy was the son of the far left party: all parties came together in a lightning speed in solidarism: to condemn. No political party showed the least guts to condemn the Syrian atrocity!

In India, the tamil politicians made a huge issue the alleged killing of the son of the erstwhile LTTE chief Prabhkaran! No one seemed to have taken note of the daily mass killings that go on in Syria!

What else is this if not a cold blooded murder?

Vergentorix, Gay marriage & media morons


Vergentorix. Heard of it? Be assured: no generic name of any medicine; no new virus either; not any other type of Viagra; nor has this anything to do with neither gynecology nor any anatomy. It’s the name of a person. It’s the name of the Gallic King who fought against Julius Cesar when this latter invaded le Gaul, the ancient region in Europe that is now France, Belgium, the southern Netherlands, southwestern Germany, and northern Italy put together. Cesar’s army defeated Vergentorix. The latter was captured and brought to Rome. Cesar told him to recognize the supremacy of the Roman reign and in return to pardon him. Vergentorix roared “…being Gallic is the most superior of all supremacists,  being a Gallic warrior is greater supremacy…dying for my Nation is sovereign to accepting any alms from the traitors’ arms of pity and through it any pardon…bite your words, o Julius to show courage to face me to fight to finish…” (Source: Caesar’s Commentaries on the Gallic War). Julius Cesar executed him. History says this had happened in 56 BC. At that time the Gallic people introduced a new word “vercingetorix”- ver= superior; cingeto= warrior; rix= king – to define as king of warriors the one who showed conviction and courage for the cause of the Nation despite any respite.

Thus, the French take special pride to be the worthy descendants of the great Gallic ancestry. Even today, the powerful and the politicians do not let go one occasion to clamor the pride of this belonging.

At those having powers that be, to the politicians that they say to be, I felt screaming, yesterday, only to ask where their pride has gone. Has the national pride reduced to gay pride? My blood was boiling to watch the live transmission on television of the first gay marriage! As if an anti-dote to AIDS has been found! As if scientists have found the miracle to cure cancer or Alzheimer! Live telecast of homosexual marriage on State television paid through my tax money? Why not to also show then: the girl’s marriage with, Poutou, her cat she says to love and so it’s her fundamental right? Why not show the boy inserting the wedding ring to his inflatable Russian doll he claims to love – as he can pump in or pump out her (doll’s) features as and how he likes – and again, this, being his absolute right? Disgusting indeed!

The media added injury to this insult: a different story as revolting as the previous one: the terrorist who attempted to kill, the other day, the soldier on patrol duty at la Defense was arrested: his name was reported as some Alexander D, only to be told the next day his actual name to be Abdelillah! So much fear to report facts? The prudent Morandini of Europe 1 who explained on this prudency: the recent London massacre being fresh in mind, it might have soared the morale of the French Muslim community! Besides the fact being like the Woolwich Islamist killer, Abdelillah is said to be a mentally de-stable person and of which the media to have gotten confirmation…patati…patata…! So, my dear fellow law abiding citizens, please do not retaliate if any one pounces on you, shouting the name of Allah, while you go your way just because he may be a mentally destabilized person! My foot! I wish to ask Morandini and the ilk: should the attack be on one of your fellow journalist will you still apply your prudency if the attacker happened to be a fanatic Islamic terrorist? My dear Morandini, you are not doing journalism but politics! You and the media collectively raped yet again the truth as you do often. Take it as this the fact.

I felt to shout and ask the powers’ and the politicians’, if they knew that their proud ancestors Gaul faced worst enemies and yet there were no screening and patrolling of public places by the Gallic army. That they had weapons – real ones – to be used only in battle fields! Not like our army men of today who are exposed to open threats of the fanatics and are given only rubber ammunition to defend against butchers!

When the voice of citizens, like me, barked at, the media came with the traditional nonsense: “Certainly this Islamic terrorist is a solitary jihadist, like in Boston bombers, like in London…”! Are you serious morons? The problem is that “solitary” jihadist as you wish to call is more and more striking and less and less lonely. The problem of the media is either it lacks understanding or it stands under political diktats. People do appreciate which of these two stands, say, the real standpoint is!

The farce continued. Another bit of information: It’s the inimitable Dominic Rizet of BFN radio who announced. “The la Defense terrorist is French, OMG! Yes, more specifically of French Origin and precisely belonging to what we commonly call as the Gallic ancestry! A Roman Gallic! He has the African parentage! I still fail to connect what is the relation between the African parentage and the Gallic Roman and Abdelillah? 

When we dig further, it became clear that this same Abdelillah, way back to 1991 did enact street plays only to say every time “beware you white skin, the tomorrow’s world belongs to us….whatever it will be”. Since then the Islamic fanatic mullahs slowly brain washed Abdelillah and his likes in to the infamous “solitary destabilized” jihadist but solidly linked in a chain! A chain not because of sequence and synchronization of attacks, all of them, when dug into, connect to a common cause and follow a pattern! Media morons, please note: solitary is not the word, it is solidarity of the fanatics; the term destabilized is not about their state of health but states their wretched intention is to destabilize the societal harmony!  

The French press continues to assure the readers: Abdelillah is a cool and calm young man who is known for petty offences. Nothing big to report: illegal detention of arms, burglary, for inciting violence in public place, force entry to houses causing fear and damage. Ben voyons! Petty offences! The same moronic press continues: Abdelillah organized regular street prayers; he refused to board public transport just because there were women in the bus and the bus driven by a woman driver!

The most amusing detail comes from the best joker: Manuel Vals, the Interior Minister to say: the intelligence bureau knew Abdelillah made frequent visits abroad! Oh really Mr. Minister? And so….Vals continues: the intelligence doubted him as an Islamic fundamentalist…but not a jihadist! Hein! Did I hear you right? An Islamic fundamentalist is not a jihadist!?! It’s like saying there is smoke and no fire! And if you want to so persist Mr. Minister, I can but read through your intentions: compromising the nation for the Muslim vote bank. It is here you miss the point. You are actually equating all the Muslims as fundamentalists. You are wrong. Majority of Muslims are as patriotic as others are. The right thinking fellowmen join me to say: Mr. Minister, you certainly do not belong to the Vergentorix lineage! It needs courage and conviction. Precisely they are lacking in you. By the way, can you tell us, Mr. Minister, your next nasty joke, when and where the next solitary killer will be in action?