Islam as a religion…


I was reading the provisions of the law called “Law of separation and non-interference between the church and the State of France 1905”. The very first article of this law says: “The Republic guarantees the liberty of conscience and the free will to choose and decide on belief and orientation in matters of religion and cult to every citizen ”.

What does it mean? It says clearly this: The Republic of France does not recognize as a religion, any group with a given ideology that does not allow the liberty of conscience to its community members.

This is the law and everyone in the geographical space called France is subject to it. Applying the same yard stick to Islam, it cannot be defined as a religion. Why? This religion bars a Muslim from the very liberty to decide: he cannot quit his religion if he wants to. In Morocco “the Oulemaas” who are under the direct responsibility of the King has reminded that deserters of the religion will face death sanctions! The position of the Mullahs of France, is it different? Certainly not. Where then is the liberty that the law guarantees?

Islam says that the child fathered by a male Muslim is a Muslim, thus, the child can never renounce his religion if he (the child) wishes so. The daughter of a Muslim is not allowed to marry a non-Muslim. Such are the impositions decreed as Islamic law and practiced in 57 countries that form a conglomerate under the name of Organization for Islamic co-operation, a sort of UNO of Islam! They are unequivocal in these provisions. The Mullahs in France are no different.

Why then, in our country France, the judiciary including the supreme Constitutional Body, the governments – federal and local – the politicians, the other religious power centers, the intellectuals, the journalists are silent and accept such disrespect of the law iof the Republic?

Are these people ignorant? If not do they fear retaliation? Do they lack guts to take head on the illegality just because they feel the issue to be delicate? Whatever be the reason the refusal to act has given the Muslim clergies to take more and more advantage. In the last ten years the latter’s language proves the same. Up and above their refusal to subject themselves to the uniform civil code, they register regularly their hatred by demanding “reasonable accommodation” of the State laws to suit their sectarian needs! They demand the State to let the creation of more Mosques and to squarely ban any criticism of their doctrine and on the practices of their followers!

What else will they not demand? Their strategy is clear. It is to ensure that our civilization disappears. They even describe this to be the Will and Order of Allah, their Great God! They preach this in their sermons and call upon every Muslim to hasten by all means to reach the goal: first by getting Islamic law in place and in parallel by force wherever required! This force is the code word for violence through arms! This is pure terrorism!

The trap that is being laid is mortal! The common man has understood this plan. The society demands answers from its leaders. Every survey confirms and reconfirms the same. From now on, every elector will make his choice to vote not only on the capacity of the party and the individual to solve the economic and financial crisis, with, up and above all, the party’s and the individual’s position on the poisonous Islamic threat!

This is the new mind set and archetype of an elector. It’s interesting to watch which party is able to read this writing on the wall and how it takes advantage of this. Till now no party dares to make it stand clear on this issue. Both the traditional left and the right parties show wishy-washy approach. They know they are fooling the people. They know they cannot delay anymore to take a stand on this explosive issue. What is the position of the extreme right wing party on this is also another interesting thing to watch.Marne LE PEN is dodging the question.

This being the situation in France, elsewhere in the World and precisely in India, Dr Subramanian Swamy, a fearless and respected politician wrote an op-ed two years back following the bomb blast in Mumbai (Bombay) in which he said “…….the Islamic fundamentalists to slowly condition the minds of the law abiding Muslims, especially the youth to the doctrine of ….civil disobedience only to get the Islamic ideology through acts of egoistic demand, excessive partisan laws, intimidation process to their fanatical goals…” This speech of truth got him into trouble with court case. One thing is true. Demands and behavior of the Islamic fanatics in Europe and specifically in France only prove that Dr Swamy fore saw two years hence on what’s happening today.

The suicide by the most respected historian Venner in public and that too inside the symbolic church Notre Dame de Paris on Tuesday 21st against the indecisiveness of the State speaks a volume on how disturbed the intellectuals of the French society are getting into. How many more deaths does this Government wants before it acts? Is applying the law so difficult? The issue is not the choice to apply. It’s again what Dr. Swamy calls the mindset that is lacking. Being a mere articulate politician is not sufficient but to be the political leader who can act without fear or favor is what matters.


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