Cannes `& Crooks: Inseparable couple…..


Cinema and Cannes: Inseparable couple. Like philosophy and Socrates. Like P.C.Sorcar and magic. The festival is a magic in itself: stars tinkered and tinted to shine as young as pre-pubertal teens; star-dress stitched on to the body only to filmy gift-cover the starry curves; certainly these hauts-couturiers must have taken inspirations from Stone Age where a few leaves clothed the predators! Star-dress and cloth-drought: inseparable couple! Oh! It’s Cannes. It’s about cinema! What’s the big deal?

Why I decry then? Nay, I deplore not the show. But the clown or the intelligent joker, call him what one may like. I hasten to seek his pardon as he was my professor who taught me tax laws in my charted accountancy. I must confess that he was a brilliant pedagogue and an excellent teacher. I admire him still for his intelligence, yet as George Orwell says, “being intelligent without self-control is like having an exquisite wife and asking what beauty is!” And the professor is?  He is the one and only Dominique Strauss-khan, intimately known as DSK: the emblematic personage that fell from admiration to disdain to disgrace!

Cannes welcomed Khan! (Strauss Dominique)

Without any iota of shame, DSK walked the red carpet. His new conquest, Myraim l’Aouffir, hand in hand trotted in. Jim Jarmusch, the producer and Abel Ferrara the director of Only Lovers Left Alive sat along with at the screening of the movie: based on the escapades of DSK. The story is about status, sex, supremacy, rock ‘n’ roll, free loader and sucking, the hobby expertise of DSK!

In the film Gérard Depardieu is DSK’s avatar. Isabelle Adjani was to incarnate the role of Anne Sinclair, DSK’s ex-wife. The former withdrew and Jacqueline Bisset replaced her. The latter in the film, like Anne Sinclair in real life, is the most dedicated wife of the most unfaithful coureur de jupons. She is a poor soul with a rich heart full of true love for a brave intelligent man. The lady: rich, affluent, brain and beauty, alas, she is constrained to sell the patrimonial assets to rescue her indelicate husband. 

I am not a movie lover. This time I was really very curious. It was just because of DSK. Having been his student, being an admirer of the personality, being dejected that he is philanderer, adulterer, womanizer, flirt-frock, self-styled-Romeo – all – at the same time, my curiosity was to know about Abel Ferrera and how villain he ought to be to portray the life of an intelligent antihero! My curiosity is satiated. Abel Ferrara is another DSK but refined as he claims when he says, I like women, more, I like the art-curves in womanhood, the most, I like is womanly through my camera! He is crook and a film maker in the 80’s, having made:  Bad LieutenantKing of New York, – extreme passion, too extreme that the reviewers of that time termed these movies to be pornographic and adrenergic! DSK and Ferrara: birds of same feathers flocked together in this new venture!

Suddenly, I saw in my mind’s eye, the scene in May 2011 at JFK airport: when the police were cuffing unceremoniously DSK’s hands, if only an oracle could have eve’s dropped into the ears of my beloved professor: never mind, dude, in two years from then, you would be climbing the carpeted steps at Cannes…..the unshaven, shattered, broken DSK would have suffered less! May be the guru bhakthi in me chilled my heart for him! What about him?  Would he have thought his VIP-wood to have belonged to his past or that he would get it back through Cannes? Is there any big deal in it? Politicians and Impunity: inseparable couple! DSK and flirt: inseparable twosome!

That day, that age: none: neither his party, nor his party men, nor the same people to whom he was, till the very second before his arrest, that semi god who was all set to be their Presidential winning candidate, all of them sans exception, found him to be an incest from the very infamous moment of his detention! This day, this age: no one – the same haters – feel any dislike for the same person they cursed! As we say in French – comme quoi! Il y a deux phases dans l’être humain– so what! There are two facets to every being!

With the same shame less liberty, there was this other French monster – Roman Polanski, 79 years old! He was there with his movie, Venus in Fur: in the name of handling adultery and love, the old fox has made prominence, passion for sex and a semi pornographic film! This same 79 year old bamboozle behaved like an animal 36 years back when he raped a 13 year old girl in the US and escaped to Europe. He took refuge in Switzerland. In 2009 the Swiss authorities arrested him on the demand of the US. The extradition request was refused. The SWISS released Polonski declaring him a free man. Polonski said to self-sanction himself and apologized for his act! His apology to me means: sorry, I raped you! I repent my fuck! That’s all! The media morons described his action as “error of the youth” and absolved him! You said Youth? He was 43 then! As if the Rahul Gandhi definition of youth exists where ever money and muscle powers exist! What Jean Val Jean said in the 17th century — in “Les Misérables” (Moliere)  “….the justice system has two gears – toggling is on how powerful or poor full you are – it is accordingly so…..” —- stands the test of time till today!


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