What else is this if not a cold blooded murder?

Alep is the second biggest city in Syria. Mohammad Qatar lived there. He was 15 years old. He was neither a child nor an adult. Yet he worked to make his living. He walked along with his kettle to ell coffee. He was really successful. He had regular customers. Many liked to discuss with him.

The Syrian police arrested him last Friday night. They hit him. They tortured him the whole of Saturday through Sunday till they brought him in front of the same shop where the police brought in people to witness. They also forced the parents of Mohammed to be there and to assist: under the live eyes of all, the police shot Mohammed on his mouth and a second one on his fore head to ensure him dead!  

Why and what was his crime? The cursed Mohammed lived in what they call as “liberated zone” where the Sharia is said to be the law! The articulate Mohammed while replying one of his client said “even if the prophet comes in front of me, I will not believe the existence of God “. For these words he was shot dead! The assassinators self-defined themselves as liberators announced while and after shooting “Whoever dares to question Allah and Sharia are blasphemers and will face the same fate”, they said. Dudes understand who can! A bon entendeur, salut!

This is Syria today. Many Mohammeds are massacred in the name of mad religion! Fanatic Islamists satiate their murderous thirst in the name of religion of peace!

In Paris, almost the same time, a boy of similar age was killed. This boy was the son of the far left party: all parties came together in a lightning speed in solidarism: to condemn. No political party showed the least guts to condemn the Syrian atrocity!

In India, the tamil politicians made a huge issue the alleged killing of the son of the erstwhile LTTE chief Prabhkaran! No one seemed to have taken note of the daily mass killings that go on in Syria!

What else is this if not a cold blooded murder?


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