Liberalism, secularism, Sarkozyism….

Two words are very dear to politicians: liberalism and secularism. Political opinions are never constant.  The definitions of these words are adopted to meet one’s convenience and context.

Iran was a Zoroastrian nation. Parsis was the religion. The Arabs conquered it in 640 AD. In just 15 years they converted 100% of then then population of 11 million to Islam. The present demography is 76 million. Muslims amount to 99.4% of its population. Hard core sharia is the law of the land. Intrinsic to its belief there can be no other liberty than Islamic percepts. Secular values follow the same principle. Yet liberalism paves its way to politics there too.

President Hassan Rohani subtly showed his desire to reach out: to the 0.4% minorities internally; this made the external world to look at him as a reformer. He was, later to his election, receiving a warm welcome at the UN General Assembly. He continues: President Rohani extended Christmas greetings to some 300,000 Christians through tweeter: something unimaginable in the country of the ayatollahs.

In our country that boasts itself of multi ethnicity, entwined into multicultural, which interlaced in its turn to  multi cultism, all interlinked in a web called Republic of France and the Navarre, it is no different. President Hollande – every other politician for that matter – never fail to greet with magnanimity the Muslims – French and foreign – on the occasion of Eid and Abrahamic feast. Here too twitter is the medium. Whereas our same liberal and secular President was not to greet people of his own faith-by-birth on Christmas! A dedicated adviser reminded him on how bad the common man did take his selective liberalism last year when he conveniently abstained from. Francois, the President reluctantly wished, just in the last hour on Wednesday, happy celebrations without alluding to any Jesuit religious word: in his mind he thinks  he is appreciated for his laic stance! Common men and women are not idiots to not to see through his double game!

Yet again in our dear country : Sarkozy, the past President, on Tuesday itself greeted in his own style. He, through his face-book where he has some 900,000 friends thanked them for standing behind him in his hard times in 2013, then, to say “wishes for a wonderful celebration” and then on to conclude his message with the following words: “Be assured that I will always be amid you’:

Jésus christ has said to His disciples and followers: Wherever I shall be, you will be there too, I am the Path, the resurrection and the very life. The other President Francois Mitterrand in his concluding speech at the end of his 14 years rule did say “I believe in that power and its spirit!”

Every politician in every country makes his own definition of liberalism and secularism to his convenience.  

Of all these, there is something that needs to be read in-between the lines: it is the hidden message of Nicholas Sarkozy: he the President that he was, he was elected out by the people who seem to realize their fatal error of judgment – as a result to have replaced by the present incumbent – an incompetent not even fit enough to be a trainee – want to see their act as an accident in the country’s political History. So, let it be said to all those who thought Sarkozy to have died politically on the 6th May 2012, that he will not wait till 2017 to resurrect: Sarkozy is not to abandon his politics and his countrymen.  Not only liberalism and secularism are concepts of convenience. A politician’s political longevity is also a concept of perception by the voters. There is no political death to any politician in his life time.


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