Vergentorix, Gay marriage & media morons


Vergentorix. Heard of it? Be assured: no generic name of any medicine; no new virus either; not any other type of Viagra; nor has this anything to do with neither gynecology nor any anatomy. It’s the name of a person. It’s the name of the Gallic King who fought against Julius Cesar when this latter invaded le Gaul, the ancient region in Europe that is now France, Belgium, the southern Netherlands, southwestern Germany, and northern Italy put together. Cesar’s army defeated Vergentorix. The latter was captured and brought to Rome. Cesar told him to recognize the supremacy of the Roman reign and in return to pardon him. Vergentorix roared “…being Gallic is the most superior of all supremacists,  being a Gallic warrior is greater supremacy…dying for my Nation is sovereign to accepting any alms from the traitors’ arms of pity and through it any pardon…bite your words, o Julius to show courage to face me to fight to finish…” (Source: Caesar’s Commentaries on the Gallic War). Julius Cesar executed him. History says this had happened in 56 BC. At that time the Gallic people introduced a new word “vercingetorix”- ver= superior; cingeto= warrior; rix= king – to define as king of warriors the one who showed conviction and courage for the cause of the Nation despite any respite.

Thus, the French take special pride to be the worthy descendants of the great Gallic ancestry. Even today, the powerful and the politicians do not let go one occasion to clamor the pride of this belonging.

At those having powers that be, to the politicians that they say to be, I felt screaming, yesterday, only to ask where their pride has gone. Has the national pride reduced to gay pride? My blood was boiling to watch the live transmission on television of the first gay marriage! As if an anti-dote to AIDS has been found! As if scientists have found the miracle to cure cancer or Alzheimer! Live telecast of homosexual marriage on State television paid through my tax money? Why not to also show then: the girl’s marriage with, Poutou, her cat she says to love and so it’s her fundamental right? Why not show the boy inserting the wedding ring to his inflatable Russian doll he claims to love – as he can pump in or pump out her (doll’s) features as and how he likes – and again, this, being his absolute right? Disgusting indeed!

The media added injury to this insult: a different story as revolting as the previous one: the terrorist who attempted to kill, the other day, the soldier on patrol duty at la Defense was arrested: his name was reported as some Alexander D, only to be told the next day his actual name to be Abdelillah! So much fear to report facts? The prudent Morandini of Europe 1 who explained on this prudency: the recent London massacre being fresh in mind, it might have soared the morale of the French Muslim community! Besides the fact being like the Woolwich Islamist killer, Abdelillah is said to be a mentally de-stable person and of which the media to have gotten confirmation…patati…patata…! So, my dear fellow law abiding citizens, please do not retaliate if any one pounces on you, shouting the name of Allah, while you go your way just because he may be a mentally destabilized person! My foot! I wish to ask Morandini and the ilk: should the attack be on one of your fellow journalist will you still apply your prudency if the attacker happened to be a fanatic Islamic terrorist? My dear Morandini, you are not doing journalism but politics! You and the media collectively raped yet again the truth as you do often. Take it as this the fact.

I felt to shout and ask the powers’ and the politicians’, if they knew that their proud ancestors Gaul faced worst enemies and yet there were no screening and patrolling of public places by the Gallic army. That they had weapons – real ones – to be used only in battle fields! Not like our army men of today who are exposed to open threats of the fanatics and are given only rubber ammunition to defend against butchers!

When the voice of citizens, like me, barked at, the media came with the traditional nonsense: “Certainly this Islamic terrorist is a solitary jihadist, like in Boston bombers, like in London…”! Are you serious morons? The problem is that “solitary” jihadist as you wish to call is more and more striking and less and less lonely. The problem of the media is either it lacks understanding or it stands under political diktats. People do appreciate which of these two stands, say, the real standpoint is!

The farce continued. Another bit of information: It’s the inimitable Dominic Rizet of BFN radio who announced. “The la Defense terrorist is French, OMG! Yes, more specifically of French Origin and precisely belonging to what we commonly call as the Gallic ancestry! A Roman Gallic! He has the African parentage! I still fail to connect what is the relation between the African parentage and the Gallic Roman and Abdelillah? 

When we dig further, it became clear that this same Abdelillah, way back to 1991 did enact street plays only to say every time “beware you white skin, the tomorrow’s world belongs to us….whatever it will be”. Since then the Islamic fanatic mullahs slowly brain washed Abdelillah and his likes in to the infamous “solitary destabilized” jihadist but solidly linked in a chain! A chain not because of sequence and synchronization of attacks, all of them, when dug into, connect to a common cause and follow a pattern! Media morons, please note: solitary is not the word, it is solidarity of the fanatics; the term destabilized is not about their state of health but states their wretched intention is to destabilize the societal harmony!  

The French press continues to assure the readers: Abdelillah is a cool and calm young man who is known for petty offences. Nothing big to report: illegal detention of arms, burglary, for inciting violence in public place, force entry to houses causing fear and damage. Ben voyons! Petty offences! The same moronic press continues: Abdelillah organized regular street prayers; he refused to board public transport just because there were women in the bus and the bus driven by a woman driver!

The most amusing detail comes from the best joker: Manuel Vals, the Interior Minister to say: the intelligence bureau knew Abdelillah made frequent visits abroad! Oh really Mr. Minister? And so….Vals continues: the intelligence doubted him as an Islamic fundamentalist…but not a jihadist! Hein! Did I hear you right? An Islamic fundamentalist is not a jihadist!?! It’s like saying there is smoke and no fire! And if you want to so persist Mr. Minister, I can but read through your intentions: compromising the nation for the Muslim vote bank. It is here you miss the point. You are actually equating all the Muslims as fundamentalists. You are wrong. Majority of Muslims are as patriotic as others are. The right thinking fellowmen join me to say: Mr. Minister, you certainly do not belong to the Vergentorix lineage! It needs courage and conviction. Precisely they are lacking in you. By the way, can you tell us, Mr. Minister, your next nasty joke, when and where the next solitary killer will be in action? 


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