One thing is permanent in life: Change. You hear me President Hollande?

One thing is permanent in life: change. Every change carries hope in it. Each ray of hope is for betterment. It is not so long ago, in 2012, we heard “the change, it’s for now”. He promised. More than 18 million people believed him. France elected François Hollande as President.

What did he not say “to hope” during the campaign! What is he not doing, after assuming power, to undo his calls “to hope for”! The gap between the hope projected and his projects to fulfill “the hopes” is so wide. Hope on hoping has grown hopeless: hatred is replaced. Indignation has crept in. As much people who elected him are ready for a revolution: the very economic and social conditions for which hope was pinned on him, he has taken them to doldrums: a national crisis is not an exaggeration; a general societal revolution is not far off; every citizen murmur “what a fool to have believed him”? The situation disintegrates day by day; alarming indicators speak week after week; the writing on the wall gets bigger and bigger month after month. The reason: President Hollande has neither the charisma nor the authority for the Office. He has proven at every occasion that he is, certainly not, the providential man that the Gaullist people awaited for!

Ever since his assuming power in March 2012, everything he did has been revealing he is a misfit for the post. The year 2013 has brought to broad day light, his utter incompetence. Certainly the Great de Gaulle should have turned himself upside down in his tomb: Hollande proves he is amateurish besides being inept.

He promised to accompany the small and medium enterprises (SME).  It is they who contribute for our economy: they very much need the Governments reforms to liberate them with easing of social charges, flexibility in working hours, dose the structural norms proportionate to domestic realities. No efforts are made in favor. Instead, he has asphyxiated them. He promised to work for precocity: his actions make young talents flee the country. He promised to alleviate poverty: INSEE, in its 3 quarter report says people below poverty line have increased by 12% only in the last 3 months. Since 2012, France has made, in addition, 30% people poorer to its existing level of 25%. Thus 55% of the population are poor under his watch!

The list is non-exhaustive. Nothing positive can be said at all? He has kept, so far, one promise: he said he will assemble the French people. He let that to happen; the whole society has assembled to voice their frustrations!

President Hollande was not the first choice of the socialists. His luck pushed in where DSK pulled himself out his lucky chance with disgraceful acts! Many knew that President Hollande did not have the required competence: people said to give him time to settle down. These 21 months in power he has well settled down through ample demonstrations on how unskillful, he is, to take charge of his responsibility, to assume power; his incapacity to govern: his goof-ups in chain; his immediate associates proved to be fraudsters’; a minister Cahuzac has shown himself, an incorrigible liar….Even here, one may argue that it was not the fault of President Hollande. Certainly, it is the fault of the socialist party to which he belongs to!

In 2014, the situation is all set to go worst. Several SME are on the verge of shutting up: whose fault after all? May I say, at this yearend, Mr. President, it is time that you showed courage not to be hen-pecked to EU; to show that you have a spine not to always lean on and say always a blind amen to Brussels and Washington! Above all these, the best will be that you resign and go, what say President Hollande?


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