Cannes `& Crooks: Inseparable couple…..


Cinema and Cannes: Inseparable couple. Like philosophy and Socrates. Like P.C.Sorcar and magic. The festival is a magic in itself: stars tinkered and tinted to shine as young as pre-pubertal teens; star-dress stitched on to the body only to filmy gift-cover the starry curves; certainly these hauts-couturiers must have taken inspirations from Stone Age where a few leaves clothed the predators! Star-dress and cloth-drought: inseparable couple! Oh! It’s Cannes. It’s about cinema! What’s the big deal?

Why I decry then? Nay, I deplore not the show. But the clown or the intelligent joker, call him what one may like. I hasten to seek his pardon as he was my professor who taught me tax laws in my charted accountancy. I must confess that he was a brilliant pedagogue and an excellent teacher. I admire him still for his intelligence, yet as George Orwell says, “being intelligent without self-control is like having an exquisite wife and asking what beauty is!” And the professor is?  He is the one and only Dominique Strauss-khan, intimately known as DSK: the emblematic personage that fell from admiration to disdain to disgrace!

Cannes welcomed Khan! (Strauss Dominique)

Without any iota of shame, DSK walked the red carpet. His new conquest, Myraim l’Aouffir, hand in hand trotted in. Jim Jarmusch, the producer and Abel Ferrara the director of Only Lovers Left Alive sat along with at the screening of the movie: based on the escapades of DSK. The story is about status, sex, supremacy, rock ‘n’ roll, free loader and sucking, the hobby expertise of DSK!

In the film Gérard Depardieu is DSK’s avatar. Isabelle Adjani was to incarnate the role of Anne Sinclair, DSK’s ex-wife. The former withdrew and Jacqueline Bisset replaced her. The latter in the film, like Anne Sinclair in real life, is the most dedicated wife of the most unfaithful coureur de jupons. She is a poor soul with a rich heart full of true love for a brave intelligent man. The lady: rich, affluent, brain and beauty, alas, she is constrained to sell the patrimonial assets to rescue her indelicate husband. 

I am not a movie lover. This time I was really very curious. It was just because of DSK. Having been his student, being an admirer of the personality, being dejected that he is philanderer, adulterer, womanizer, flirt-frock, self-styled-Romeo – all – at the same time, my curiosity was to know about Abel Ferrera and how villain he ought to be to portray the life of an intelligent antihero! My curiosity is satiated. Abel Ferrara is another DSK but refined as he claims when he says, I like women, more, I like the art-curves in womanhood, the most, I like is womanly through my camera! He is crook and a film maker in the 80’s, having made:  Bad LieutenantKing of New York, – extreme passion, too extreme that the reviewers of that time termed these movies to be pornographic and adrenergic! DSK and Ferrara: birds of same feathers flocked together in this new venture!

Suddenly, I saw in my mind’s eye, the scene in May 2011 at JFK airport: when the police were cuffing unceremoniously DSK’s hands, if only an oracle could have eve’s dropped into the ears of my beloved professor: never mind, dude, in two years from then, you would be climbing the carpeted steps at Cannes…..the unshaven, shattered, broken DSK would have suffered less! May be the guru bhakthi in me chilled my heart for him! What about him?  Would he have thought his VIP-wood to have belonged to his past or that he would get it back through Cannes? Is there any big deal in it? Politicians and Impunity: inseparable couple! DSK and flirt: inseparable twosome!

That day, that age: none: neither his party, nor his party men, nor the same people to whom he was, till the very second before his arrest, that semi god who was all set to be their Presidential winning candidate, all of them sans exception, found him to be an incest from the very infamous moment of his detention! This day, this age: no one – the same haters – feel any dislike for the same person they cursed! As we say in French – comme quoi! Il y a deux phases dans l’être humain– so what! There are two facets to every being!

With the same shame less liberty, there was this other French monster – Roman Polanski, 79 years old! He was there with his movie, Venus in Fur: in the name of handling adultery and love, the old fox has made prominence, passion for sex and a semi pornographic film! This same 79 year old bamboozle behaved like an animal 36 years back when he raped a 13 year old girl in the US and escaped to Europe. He took refuge in Switzerland. In 2009 the Swiss authorities arrested him on the demand of the US. The extradition request was refused. The SWISS released Polonski declaring him a free man. Polonski said to self-sanction himself and apologized for his act! His apology to me means: sorry, I raped you! I repent my fuck! That’s all! The media morons described his action as “error of the youth” and absolved him! You said Youth? He was 43 then! As if the Rahul Gandhi definition of youth exists where ever money and muscle powers exist! What Jean Val Jean said in the 17th century — in “Les Misérables” (Moliere)  “….the justice system has two gears – toggling is on how powerful or poor full you are – it is accordingly so…..” —- stands the test of time till today!


Third Generation Jhihad: Excellent interview by Gilles Kepel


This article in Nouvel Obs deserves a very close reading. The author Gilles Kepel is an erudite scholar and a distinguished professor in political science. What makes the author and his observations more credible is the fact that he is an illustrious member of l’Institut Universitaire de France, abbreviated by the acronym IUF is a French service of the Ministry of Higher Education that distinguishes each year a small number of university professors for their research excellence, as evidenced by their international recognition. It was created to become a new “Collège de France“, located in French universities. Only 2% of French university professors have been currently distinguished by l’IUF.

The central point that Gilles Kepel explains through this interview is the new trend in jihad. He calls it as “the third generation of jihad” as revealed by the brutal killing at Woolwich last week.

It’s is to be specifically noted that the other violence that took place at la Défense in which a young French soldier on duty was attacked, from his behind, by a terror-prone jihadist using a sharp knife with the intention to kill him has not yet taken place at the time of this interview by Gilles Kepel.

Gilles Kepel proves his point with irrefutable facts. He says as to what “captures the attention is the very manner by which the act itself – to use a knife to kill, people who represent a societal symbol, in his (the killer’s) immediate environment is meant to get the maximum publicity and is exactly what is prescribed in the book “l’appel à la résistance islamique mondiale” (Invitation to the World Islamic Resistance) by Abou Moussab-al-Souri and this man and his book stand as common inspiration to Merah (Toulouse killer) and the Boston terrorist Tsarnaev brothers. This new trend differs from those hitherto of mass jihad attempt reveals a new low cost jihad derivative: a butcher’s knife and a mallet. In the Woolwich case the two jihad terrorists have killed a soldier: the word SOLDIER is very important. Attack and kill soldiers and the Jews are the specific instruction that Souri gives to the Muslims who live in the western countries. They are the two main targets prescribed. The only aim being to get the maximum publicity. Besides the publicity there is also a hidden strategic agenda: the specific target of attack is so calculated to provoke frustration among the Western rulers who will be constrained to act against the Muslims – say, by ordering simply the closure of the Mosques – which in turn will irritate them (the Muslims) not to blame the Jihad killers but to feel the aggression meant only to pave way to the oppressed to take to new Jihad attempts.”  

Indeed the analytical description is starling to read which precisely makes the interviewer to ask Gilles Kepel “ Do we in France run the risk to see such targeted attempts? ” to which the professor replies, “ Merah has shown that way.” As a further proof to the affirmations, pat, came the reply through what happened in la Défense. This new jihadic modus operandi will now force the military to send  two soldiers close to each other.

This will be the only way to secure each other. The worst alarm lies in the very prescription that the instigator has promulgated to the fanatics of Allah: to attack the military and the Jews. Similar attacks are to be unfortunately feared. The anti-dote lies with our Muslim brotherhood to see through the brain wash attempts of fanatics like Souri. Not to play into the hands of terrorism as I have observed in my previous post

The last or lost Mother’s Day!


Tomorrow, Sunday the 26th May is the “mother’s day” in France and in many parts of Europe. I for sure do not share this one day a year concept!  Maman, mummy, amma however you call her, she is unique and she merits respect and celebration every day.

Nevertheless, this 26th will be the last mother’s day! Yes, it’s indeed the case. How can it be otherwise? Thanks to Taubira law, a child can have a father and a father and no mother at all! The child can have a mother and a mother and this haunting question in its (child’s) mind: from which tummy did I come from? Other torturing questions too: I have two dads and who’s my mom? Why am I shown the economy of a mom? It means also that I have to make two drawings, one for each mom! May be a double pleasure as I will get two kisses each from my two moms! But which is the real one?

In three weeks’ time from now, precisely, on the 16th June it will be “father’s day”! For whom will I make my cute-sketch? With two moms and no dad with a “dick” as my teacher taught me how to recognize a dad, in which of my two moms can I look for a dick? When I insist to know which one of my two moms sported me in her tummy before I was born, bang! Damn it! I am told none of the two carried me! And….I had been in an Indian lady’s tummy! So I was snatched away from my genitor? And I cannot even offer my sweet drawing to my true mom? She deserves nothing then!? How cruel it is? Such and many more devastating questions emerge in the tiny minds.

Change the mother’s day, the father’s day! Just make it parent’s day! At least this will change the confusion in the child’s mind! What else can we do when the law maker’s decide to cut the size of leg to suit the need of and to make fit in the shoe in to the leg?

The Dirty lies a la Hollande


It’s a notion. Freud’s psychology calls it the chick-fantasy. It’s the perception wherein a rooster believes that the morning sun rises just because it sings at every dawn. President Hollande portrays the hen’s thinking style. Just by singing at very dawn and dusk that the country has no problems, he dreams that problems will turn to rise as solutions in the morning!

The financial crisis is behind us, says President Hollande! Oh! Really? Is it not, precisely, Mr. President, this crisis is one of the major reasons that has caused the domestic and the European chaos that we debate at present?  Eddies’ of Cyprus is not that far off. Is President Hollande suffering from premature Alzheimer? By playing the make-believe-by-forgetting-strategy, he wantonly provokes to make and invite precise questions and to which as answers he can shift the blame and the problem to his predecessor! He plays dirty politics inside the country. See how he spins it at Brussels.

At Brussels, Hollande described him as a doctor on a mission to save France and thereby to save Europe? Let us assume for a moment. If the country is not a problem, on the contrary it is a solution, as he claims, why then the need to doctor in the first place? Why this rant? The fear with these blind statements is that the doctoring makes error and does wrong diagnosis.

Contrary to what President Hollande attempts to make-believe, the country is seriously ill. Besides the fact that there are specific reasons which are internal to France, European pressure aggravates the ailment. Let us say it straight: the problem with Europe is that of austerity. Too draconian! Too much of dictatorship! The European management tends to forget the fact that each member-state to have had an economy of its own. On this was dependent the strength of their defunct individual currencies. Several such variant economies were force-married with the vision to make one big economy. The vision was good. The viability was bad. In their feasibility study these thinkers took only the additive number-value of member-economy. They ignored to inherit the thrusts that surrounded each such economy! This in-take error now suffocates the members. The suffocation is strangulating the very stability of the common baby – Euro. The problem started to constipate small member-state with cash flow. The big brothers came to their rescue. The constipation has become chronic. The smaller one needs more and the bigger ones too have developed similar problems of constipation. The only remedy lies in the immediate purgation through additional cash liquidity. Both the small and big ones (bearing Germany) need badly hot cash. This alone will ensure growth

 Similar situations have happened elsewhere. Japan and the USA are standing examples.

 Japan has its currency that keeps falling. This causes constant increase of its external debts. Yet, Tokyo has the direct control on its currency. Whereas the case of the USA is unique as the US dollar has a unique status in the world. One may like it or not. The US borrows this year from the next year’s quota! The debate on it is a different story. It also has debt deficits. Yet the difference between these two countries and that of France is that, in with the latter the deficit has been constant and kept on increasing since 1974! The worst has been the French habit of creating speculative internal markets. In the name of free zone, the European giants did venture on these speculations. Any speculation is time bound and often becomes a doom’s trap. Thus in front of crisis the European members find themselves in a trap not being able to get out of it!

 Yet another “Frenchie specific” is sanctum-unique to France alone! It is the French Social-Security system. Its genesis itself was for a given specific situation. It was founded way back to the disastrous days following the Second World War. That time the French population was hardly 40 million. There was unemployment. At the same time there was the necessity to create new jobs. Employer-employee contributions to the Social Security were regular. What changed since then? Population has doubled. The economic zone has been thrown open creating tough competition. Laborers from poorer economies came in large numbers to de-stabilize the local labor force. The social coverage meant for 40 million people has to cover double. This has caused huge deficits since 1990. The SS is at a loss. The medical coverage kept on increasing. If this trend continues the pension to the retired citizens cannot be paid every month by 2015! The system needs to be changed. This domestic mismanagement imposes rigor on the fellow members! Their legitimate question is why should they suffer for an ailment that is not theirs?

One thing is sure. Germany will never tolerate any move to play with its currency. It is rightly so. Today the fact is that the Eruo-to-ex-Mark conversion value is undervalued. Germans keep silently gloating over this injustice meted out to their currency by Europe. Despite this, Germans sacrificed a lot on their labor costs to meet with the European criteria and prescriptions. Thus it has showed its contribution by realizing a positive trade balance of 160 billion Euros.

What irritates the Germans is the style of President Hollande when he openly shows his maneuvers to escape from respecting such obligations by simply decrying, today, the European laws to be austere! People are not fools. Like the Germans all see how bad France performs with reference to its external debts, the constant increase in unemployment, its galloping trade deficit, the decline in growth. GDP increase is being talked decimal percentage numbers! Thus the Hollande strategy to show France as a part of the solution and not that of problem does not hold water. The problems zoom and speak for themselves as the situation grows from bad to worse.

 Another fact is that Hollande seems to really understand the difficulty of a President’s task only now! In other words, he wanted to be President without even truly measuring the depth of the responsibility and the acumen required! Just a year back, in his election manifesto, he was trumpeting the need to reduce the retirement age. Now he implies to have perceived the link between the increasing longevity of life and therefore the logic will need the retirement age limit to be increased! Hein! The longevity has increased suddenly in just one year? When the opposition and the people ask him to make his stand clear on this issue the super intelligent reply came through his words saying “the silence of the government speaks louder than the word acceptation”. Oh! Really ? At the same President Hollande is unhappy when people ask for his resignation for his incompetence! He dared to say that when his party was in opposition never he called for the resignations of Sarkozy’s ministers! Blatant lies. People hate the liar in him than his change of vision. 

Apparently President Hollande conveniently forgets the protests and demands he exercised – not so long – as opposition to Sarkozy over the reforms of social VAT, the professional tax regime, the retirement reforms. He and his party participated in the debates and in the voting of these reforms! Despite all these forget and fool the people strategy, President Hollande reveals the level of his integrity and the height of his incompetence to be the President. Precisely here the today’s Home Minister Mannuel Valls demanded the resignation of his predecessor in Sarkozy’s government, Claude Gueant. Today’s President was the first secretary of the Socialist party of France who vociferously clamored for resignations! President Hollande is indeed presenting symptoms of a new off shoot of Alheimer, the selective Alzheimer!

President Hollande is day dreaming. Forget and fool the intelligence of the people has started to boomerang on him. The one who got elected with 52% vote share has slide down to below 35% of favorable opinion by the same electorate in just over a year’s time. President’s day dreaming is causing nightmares to the nation. 

Islam as a religion…


I was reading the provisions of the law called “Law of separation and non-interference between the church and the State of France 1905”. The very first article of this law says: “The Republic guarantees the liberty of conscience and the free will to choose and decide on belief and orientation in matters of religion and cult to every citizen ”.

What does it mean? It says clearly this: The Republic of France does not recognize as a religion, any group with a given ideology that does not allow the liberty of conscience to its community members.

This is the law and everyone in the geographical space called France is subject to it. Applying the same yard stick to Islam, it cannot be defined as a religion. Why? This religion bars a Muslim from the very liberty to decide: he cannot quit his religion if he wants to. In Morocco “the Oulemaas” who are under the direct responsibility of the King has reminded that deserters of the religion will face death sanctions! The position of the Mullahs of France, is it different? Certainly not. Where then is the liberty that the law guarantees?

Islam says that the child fathered by a male Muslim is a Muslim, thus, the child can never renounce his religion if he (the child) wishes so. The daughter of a Muslim is not allowed to marry a non-Muslim. Such are the impositions decreed as Islamic law and practiced in 57 countries that form a conglomerate under the name of Organization for Islamic co-operation, a sort of UNO of Islam! They are unequivocal in these provisions. The Mullahs in France are no different.

Why then, in our country France, the judiciary including the supreme Constitutional Body, the governments – federal and local – the politicians, the other religious power centers, the intellectuals, the journalists are silent and accept such disrespect of the law iof the Republic?

Are these people ignorant? If not do they fear retaliation? Do they lack guts to take head on the illegality just because they feel the issue to be delicate? Whatever be the reason the refusal to act has given the Muslim clergies to take more and more advantage. In the last ten years the latter’s language proves the same. Up and above their refusal to subject themselves to the uniform civil code, they register regularly their hatred by demanding “reasonable accommodation” of the State laws to suit their sectarian needs! They demand the State to let the creation of more Mosques and to squarely ban any criticism of their doctrine and on the practices of their followers!

What else will they not demand? Their strategy is clear. It is to ensure that our civilization disappears. They even describe this to be the Will and Order of Allah, their Great God! They preach this in their sermons and call upon every Muslim to hasten by all means to reach the goal: first by getting Islamic law in place and in parallel by force wherever required! This force is the code word for violence through arms! This is pure terrorism!

The trap that is being laid is mortal! The common man has understood this plan. The society demands answers from its leaders. Every survey confirms and reconfirms the same. From now on, every elector will make his choice to vote not only on the capacity of the party and the individual to solve the economic and financial crisis, with, up and above all, the party’s and the individual’s position on the poisonous Islamic threat!

This is the new mind set and archetype of an elector. It’s interesting to watch which party is able to read this writing on the wall and how it takes advantage of this. Till now no party dares to make it stand clear on this issue. Both the traditional left and the right parties show wishy-washy approach. They know they are fooling the people. They know they cannot delay anymore to take a stand on this explosive issue. What is the position of the extreme right wing party on this is also another interesting thing to watch.Marne LE PEN is dodging the question.

This being the situation in France, elsewhere in the World and precisely in India, Dr Subramanian Swamy, a fearless and respected politician wrote an op-ed two years back following the bomb blast in Mumbai (Bombay) in which he said “…….the Islamic fundamentalists to slowly condition the minds of the law abiding Muslims, especially the youth to the doctrine of ….civil disobedience only to get the Islamic ideology through acts of egoistic demand, excessive partisan laws, intimidation process to their fanatical goals…” This speech of truth got him into trouble with court case. One thing is true. Demands and behavior of the Islamic fanatics in Europe and specifically in France only prove that Dr Swamy fore saw two years hence on what’s happening today.

The suicide by the most respected historian Venner in public and that too inside the symbolic church Notre Dame de Paris on Tuesday 21st against the indecisiveness of the State speaks a volume on how disturbed the intellectuals of the French society are getting into. How many more deaths does this Government wants before it acts? Is applying the law so difficult? The issue is not the choice to apply. It’s again what Dr. Swamy calls the mindset that is lacking. Being a mere articulate politician is not sufficient but to be the political leader who can act without fear or favor is what matters.

Hidden Signals: Urgency to act…


Every history of great civilizations tells us this: There are two ways to conquer and ruin a nation. One is war. The other one is debt. Thus, the liberty and the sovereignty of a State depend solely on the strength of its army and the stability of its economy.

 Our great country France is neck-deep in debts. The European laws do not permit us to do what needs to be done. It’s not that there are no solutions. Again history shows us how our Henry IV, Louis XVI, Napolean Bonaparte faced similar debt traps and how they could get over. Even recently Iceland has shown us the way. All controlled the devaluation of their currency. This is not any rocket science to understand. I am of the opinion and it is hard to say so. Yet bitter the truth, better it is: It’s imperative that France quits the common currency. Yes, get out of euro-zone. This will stabilize our economy.

Is that enough? What about our partnership in OTAN? On March 29th something happened. Russia attempted to bombard Stockholm. Of course, only a flash was reported by our media. To them, the boob-fixing farce of Angelina is juicier than bomb-attempt.

So, on that dark night, two strategic bombers Tupolev TU22, M3 and four hunters SU 27 Flanker of the Russian army that was rehearsing in the Gulf of Finland got out of the permitted fly zone. All aimed as target Stockholm.  The Chief of the Swedish Army played down the incident, its Defense Minister said in January this year: The aim of crisis management especially when it concerns national security is to be ever prepared and be on a 24×7 alert only to reply back immediately if any provocation will be attempted. These words appear to be only mere declarations! The OTAN force had nothing but two Danish F16 fighter planes stationed in Litany to reply back as the Minister has said? Before any action, the Russian army had the time to make an aerial survey over the territory of Sweden and to get back to their exercise base!

 Vladimir Putin, besides plunging Russia in to debt traps did succeed to verify on the poor alertness of the OTAN force!

My dear fellow citizens, this is a strong alarm bell. War is declared on our economy through currency and war mongering signal has been sent! It’s up to us to get the right signal. Please do not encourage and give your votes to those who are ditching us through European dictatorship and the OTAN force, sorry, farce: there is no “exercise” but plans to “extenuate” us! 

François Hollande: Press Conference Bunga! Bunga!


President François Hollande gave a press conference yesterday. Almost at the same time the economic indicators put the country France he presides in the state of recession. To a close watcher of the State of affairs like me, it’s but natural to expect the President to address the issue. Did he? A reverberating NO! What he spoke then? In fact, it was more of a monologue for three hours. He tried to bring in feelings to his modulations; he chanted like an intelligent man, laughing at times, cool, thus trying hard to show that he was the real boss, the decider, the initiator, the creator of growth and that too right from the day of talking over the Presidency. Yes, he really tried! Attempted very hard! He touched on subjects that were not asked. He deviated in his reply to the issues that were raised. In short, President Hollande failed miserably. His efforts to pose himself as a plausible imposter did not click. He tried to pose as the President in need, that he is indeed but his efforts fire backed on him as the President in recede and that he is the least wanted indeed!

To any President in office, to do a press conference from l’Élysée is a pretty risky job indeed. This has always been this way, be it, whoever be in command. It’s something similar to ice skating. In both the cases absolute calmness of mind, clarity of aim, the success to capture the real expectation of the people are the essential factors of success. Precisely, President Hollande revealed his total lack of calmness, absence of clarity and even lesser to show that he understood the expectation of the Nation.

The first impression he gave was that he has not even firmly put his feet down as President despite a yer has passed by. A close observation revealed that his very posture called for a pity. In front of the entire media and the press he appeared to be a Hosni Mubarak in front of his Judges! His impatient movements equated him to a Sylvio Berlusconi in his mode bunga bunga! In other words, my grand-mother used to say that when one wants to hide something, it means that he deliberately has something to hide. President Hollande did exactly the same thing. He attempted to hide his failure to deliver positive developments; his attempt delivered him out of his hide only throwing open that he has indeed things of national importance to hide.

François, the boss, was he decisive this 16th May presser? Yes, he was by reasoning still as the Ex-First Secretary of the Socialist Party and not as the real President Hollande. Instead of taking decisions as President, he tried to look for the impossible consensus in his answers. Yes, he was, when he answered questions that were not asked. Yes he was, when he replied not to the questions that were asked.

One important question that was put to him was on the impact of Euro and how he would like to decisively tackle it? This François transported us to the other François – President Mitterrand – some 30 years back! His previous comrade of that time was the first time President from the left to be then in office. That was the time when Euro currency was taking shape. This François continued in reply to the question saying that François had to choose between a Jacques Delors and a Jean-Pierre Chevenement. The former was a staunch pro-euro, pro ratification of treaty of Maastricht, a faithful follower of the German way; the latter’s vision prescribed to strengthen the French industrial growth; to have strong relationship with all our neighbors. Thus, this François was decisive in demonstrating how that François showed clarity in deciding. Confusing? Any problem? Nay, it is simple. President Hollande tried to make a profit and loss statement of the European Commission, thus trying to distance himself from the present day problems. Thus, he never answered direct questions. However, he failed not to cry foul and persisted to paint all disasters of his predecessor Sarkozy’s regime has created! In his fool-the people effort, his fooling has fooled himself thanks to my grandmother’s theory.

To another question on the list of achievements of his government till now, he made a list – necessity to simplify further the administrative procedure to ensure growth; he described how the population is a force (ageing in poverty is a force!?); the right to vote for foreigners in France to have been postponed for discussion after the ensuing Municipal elections. Any coherence in his answer to the question asked? In short, to President Hollande, the Nation France is not the problem but a solution! Youpi! Bravo! Olé! President Hollande has launched his slogan! France – the universal solution!

Again to back track once again to the other François , Mitterrand the President of that time, at least, he knew the art how to nicotine with elegance and consistency! Today’s François Hollande, the President has a lot to learn. To pose as a plausible imposter to be causing developments needs much more training.

One significant point he made was on foreign policy. There is a little truth in what he said. France still has some credibility left to have a say in issues of world’s interests. But, to say, as he said, that France has to further strengthen the Germano-French relationships is like imposing friendship where it is less recognized. Germany sees France as burden. The French largesse to rescue the failing euro-zone members is not to the taste of the Germans. The latter minces no words while asking France to first sweep at its door step rather than trying to put in order its fellow members. What is there to develop in this tangent?

While President Hollande was miserably failing in his media-show, as usual, the most important thing happened elsewhere: The National Assembly just removed the word “race” from the Constitution! Reason? Our intelligent law-makers think that with this removal, “racism” can better be controlled! It’s like prescribing Band-Aid to cure cancer!

Dear President Hollande and your elected colleagues, there is more urgency to remove the words “debt”, “unemployment”, “recession”, “politically paid thugs”, “violence” to better find solutions to the problems that this dear and old country France faces. May be, Dear President, I have given you the theme for your next press conference from l’Élysée? Respectfully beware Mr President, if you will not, the people on the streets will show you how to handle these burning issues.