Third Generation Jhihad: Excellent interview by Gilles Kepel


This article in Nouvel Obs deserves a very close reading. The author Gilles Kepel is an erudite scholar and a distinguished professor in political science. What makes the author and his observations more credible is the fact that he is an illustrious member of l’Institut Universitaire de France, abbreviated by the acronym IUF is a French service of the Ministry of Higher Education that distinguishes each year a small number of university professors for their research excellence, as evidenced by their international recognition. It was created to become a new “Collège de France“, located in French universities. Only 2% of French university professors have been currently distinguished by l’IUF.

The central point that Gilles Kepel explains through this interview is the new trend in jihad. He calls it as “the third generation of jihad” as revealed by the brutal killing at Woolwich last week.

It’s is to be specifically noted that the other violence that took place at la Défense in which a young French soldier on duty was attacked, from his behind, by a terror-prone jihadist using a sharp knife with the intention to kill him has not yet taken place at the time of this interview by Gilles Kepel.

Gilles Kepel proves his point with irrefutable facts. He says as to what “captures the attention is the very manner by which the act itself – to use a knife to kill, people who represent a societal symbol, in his (the killer’s) immediate environment is meant to get the maximum publicity and is exactly what is prescribed in the book “l’appel à la résistance islamique mondiale” (Invitation to the World Islamic Resistance) by Abou Moussab-al-Souri and this man and his book stand as common inspiration to Merah (Toulouse killer) and the Boston terrorist Tsarnaev brothers. This new trend differs from those hitherto of mass jihad attempt reveals a new low cost jihad derivative: a butcher’s knife and a mallet. In the Woolwich case the two jihad terrorists have killed a soldier: the word SOLDIER is very important. Attack and kill soldiers and the Jews are the specific instruction that Souri gives to the Muslims who live in the western countries. They are the two main targets prescribed. The only aim being to get the maximum publicity. Besides the publicity there is also a hidden strategic agenda: the specific target of attack is so calculated to provoke frustration among the Western rulers who will be constrained to act against the Muslims – say, by ordering simply the closure of the Mosques – which in turn will irritate them (the Muslims) not to blame the Jihad killers but to feel the aggression meant only to pave way to the oppressed to take to new Jihad attempts.”  

Indeed the analytical description is starling to read which precisely makes the interviewer to ask Gilles Kepel “ Do we in France run the risk to see such targeted attempts? ” to which the professor replies, “ Merah has shown that way.” As a further proof to the affirmations, pat, came the reply through what happened in la Défense. This new jihadic modus operandi will now force the military to send  two soldiers close to each other.

This will be the only way to secure each other. The worst alarm lies in the very prescription that the instigator has promulgated to the fanatics of Allah: to attack the military and the Jews. Similar attacks are to be unfortunately feared. The anti-dote lies with our Muslim brotherhood to see through the brain wash attempts of fanatics like Souri. Not to play into the hands of terrorism as I have observed in my previous post


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