The last or lost Mother’s Day!


Tomorrow, Sunday the 26th May is the “mother’s day” in France and in many parts of Europe. I for sure do not share this one day a year concept!  Maman, mummy, amma however you call her, she is unique and she merits respect and celebration every day.

Nevertheless, this 26th will be the last mother’s day! Yes, it’s indeed the case. How can it be otherwise? Thanks to Taubira law, a child can have a father and a father and no mother at all! The child can have a mother and a mother and this haunting question in its (child’s) mind: from which tummy did I come from? Other torturing questions too: I have two dads and who’s my mom? Why am I shown the economy of a mom? It means also that I have to make two drawings, one for each mom! May be a double pleasure as I will get two kisses each from my two moms! But which is the real one?

In three weeks’ time from now, precisely, on the 16th June it will be “father’s day”! For whom will I make my cute-sketch? With two moms and no dad with a “dick” as my teacher taught me how to recognize a dad, in which of my two moms can I look for a dick? When I insist to know which one of my two moms sported me in her tummy before I was born, bang! Damn it! I am told none of the two carried me! And….I had been in an Indian lady’s tummy! So I was snatched away from my genitor? And I cannot even offer my sweet drawing to my true mom? She deserves nothing then!? How cruel it is? Such and many more devastating questions emerge in the tiny minds.

Change the mother’s day, the father’s day! Just make it parent’s day! At least this will change the confusion in the child’s mind! What else can we do when the law maker’s decide to cut the size of leg to suit the need of and to make fit in the shoe in to the leg?


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