The Dirty lies a la Hollande


It’s a notion. Freud’s psychology calls it the chick-fantasy. It’s the perception wherein a rooster believes that the morning sun rises just because it sings at every dawn. President Hollande portrays the hen’s thinking style. Just by singing at very dawn and dusk that the country has no problems, he dreams that problems will turn to rise as solutions in the morning!

The financial crisis is behind us, says President Hollande! Oh! Really? Is it not, precisely, Mr. President, this crisis is one of the major reasons that has caused the domestic and the European chaos that we debate at present?  Eddies’ of Cyprus is not that far off. Is President Hollande suffering from premature Alzheimer? By playing the make-believe-by-forgetting-strategy, he wantonly provokes to make and invite precise questions and to which as answers he can shift the blame and the problem to his predecessor! He plays dirty politics inside the country. See how he spins it at Brussels.

At Brussels, Hollande described him as a doctor on a mission to save France and thereby to save Europe? Let us assume for a moment. If the country is not a problem, on the contrary it is a solution, as he claims, why then the need to doctor in the first place? Why this rant? The fear with these blind statements is that the doctoring makes error and does wrong diagnosis.

Contrary to what President Hollande attempts to make-believe, the country is seriously ill. Besides the fact that there are specific reasons which are internal to France, European pressure aggravates the ailment. Let us say it straight: the problem with Europe is that of austerity. Too draconian! Too much of dictatorship! The European management tends to forget the fact that each member-state to have had an economy of its own. On this was dependent the strength of their defunct individual currencies. Several such variant economies were force-married with the vision to make one big economy. The vision was good. The viability was bad. In their feasibility study these thinkers took only the additive number-value of member-economy. They ignored to inherit the thrusts that surrounded each such economy! This in-take error now suffocates the members. The suffocation is strangulating the very stability of the common baby – Euro. The problem started to constipate small member-state with cash flow. The big brothers came to their rescue. The constipation has become chronic. The smaller one needs more and the bigger ones too have developed similar problems of constipation. The only remedy lies in the immediate purgation through additional cash liquidity. Both the small and big ones (bearing Germany) need badly hot cash. This alone will ensure growth

 Similar situations have happened elsewhere. Japan and the USA are standing examples.

 Japan has its currency that keeps falling. This causes constant increase of its external debts. Yet, Tokyo has the direct control on its currency. Whereas the case of the USA is unique as the US dollar has a unique status in the world. One may like it or not. The US borrows this year from the next year’s quota! The debate on it is a different story. It also has debt deficits. Yet the difference between these two countries and that of France is that, in with the latter the deficit has been constant and kept on increasing since 1974! The worst has been the French habit of creating speculative internal markets. In the name of free zone, the European giants did venture on these speculations. Any speculation is time bound and often becomes a doom’s trap. Thus in front of crisis the European members find themselves in a trap not being able to get out of it!

 Yet another “Frenchie specific” is sanctum-unique to France alone! It is the French Social-Security system. Its genesis itself was for a given specific situation. It was founded way back to the disastrous days following the Second World War. That time the French population was hardly 40 million. There was unemployment. At the same time there was the necessity to create new jobs. Employer-employee contributions to the Social Security were regular. What changed since then? Population has doubled. The economic zone has been thrown open creating tough competition. Laborers from poorer economies came in large numbers to de-stabilize the local labor force. The social coverage meant for 40 million people has to cover double. This has caused huge deficits since 1990. The SS is at a loss. The medical coverage kept on increasing. If this trend continues the pension to the retired citizens cannot be paid every month by 2015! The system needs to be changed. This domestic mismanagement imposes rigor on the fellow members! Their legitimate question is why should they suffer for an ailment that is not theirs?

One thing is sure. Germany will never tolerate any move to play with its currency. It is rightly so. Today the fact is that the Eruo-to-ex-Mark conversion value is undervalued. Germans keep silently gloating over this injustice meted out to their currency by Europe. Despite this, Germans sacrificed a lot on their labor costs to meet with the European criteria and prescriptions. Thus it has showed its contribution by realizing a positive trade balance of 160 billion Euros.

What irritates the Germans is the style of President Hollande when he openly shows his maneuvers to escape from respecting such obligations by simply decrying, today, the European laws to be austere! People are not fools. Like the Germans all see how bad France performs with reference to its external debts, the constant increase in unemployment, its galloping trade deficit, the decline in growth. GDP increase is being talked decimal percentage numbers! Thus the Hollande strategy to show France as a part of the solution and not that of problem does not hold water. The problems zoom and speak for themselves as the situation grows from bad to worse.

 Another fact is that Hollande seems to really understand the difficulty of a President’s task only now! In other words, he wanted to be President without even truly measuring the depth of the responsibility and the acumen required! Just a year back, in his election manifesto, he was trumpeting the need to reduce the retirement age. Now he implies to have perceived the link between the increasing longevity of life and therefore the logic will need the retirement age limit to be increased! Hein! The longevity has increased suddenly in just one year? When the opposition and the people ask him to make his stand clear on this issue the super intelligent reply came through his words saying “the silence of the government speaks louder than the word acceptation”. Oh! Really ? At the same President Hollande is unhappy when people ask for his resignation for his incompetence! He dared to say that when his party was in opposition never he called for the resignations of Sarkozy’s ministers! Blatant lies. People hate the liar in him than his change of vision. 

Apparently President Hollande conveniently forgets the protests and demands he exercised – not so long – as opposition to Sarkozy over the reforms of social VAT, the professional tax regime, the retirement reforms. He and his party participated in the debates and in the voting of these reforms! Despite all these forget and fool the people strategy, President Hollande reveals the level of his integrity and the height of his incompetence to be the President. Precisely here the today’s Home Minister Mannuel Valls demanded the resignation of his predecessor in Sarkozy’s government, Claude Gueant. Today’s President was the first secretary of the Socialist party of France who vociferously clamored for resignations! President Hollande is indeed presenting symptoms of a new off shoot of Alheimer, the selective Alzheimer!

President Hollande is day dreaming. Forget and fool the intelligence of the people has started to boomerang on him. The one who got elected with 52% vote share has slide down to below 35% of favorable opinion by the same electorate in just over a year’s time. President’s day dreaming is causing nightmares to the nation. 


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