Hidden Signals: Urgency to act…


Every history of great civilizations tells us this: There are two ways to conquer and ruin a nation. One is war. The other one is debt. Thus, the liberty and the sovereignty of a State depend solely on the strength of its army and the stability of its economy.

 Our great country France is neck-deep in debts. The European laws do not permit us to do what needs to be done. It’s not that there are no solutions. Again history shows us how our Henry IV, Louis XVI, Napolean Bonaparte faced similar debt traps and how they could get over. Even recently Iceland has shown us the way. All controlled the devaluation of their currency. This is not any rocket science to understand. I am of the opinion and it is hard to say so. Yet bitter the truth, better it is: It’s imperative that France quits the common currency. Yes, get out of euro-zone. This will stabilize our economy.

Is that enough? What about our partnership in OTAN? On March 29th something happened. Russia attempted to bombard Stockholm. Of course, only a flash was reported by our media. To them, the boob-fixing farce of Angelina is juicier than bomb-attempt.

So, on that dark night, two strategic bombers Tupolev TU22, M3 and four hunters SU 27 Flanker of the Russian army that was rehearsing in the Gulf of Finland got out of the permitted fly zone. All aimed as target Stockholm.  The Chief of the Swedish Army played down the incident, its Defense Minister said in January this year: The aim of crisis management especially when it concerns national security is to be ever prepared and be on a 24×7 alert only to reply back immediately if any provocation will be attempted. These words appear to be only mere declarations! The OTAN force had nothing but two Danish F16 fighter planes stationed in Litany to reply back as the Minister has said? Before any action, the Russian army had the time to make an aerial survey over the territory of Sweden and to get back to their exercise base!

 Vladimir Putin, besides plunging Russia in to debt traps did succeed to verify on the poor alertness of the OTAN force!

My dear fellow citizens, this is a strong alarm bell. War is declared on our economy through currency and war mongering signal has been sent! It’s up to us to get the right signal. Please do not encourage and give your votes to those who are ditching us through European dictatorship and the OTAN force, sorry, farce: there is no “exercise” but plans to “extenuate” us! 


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