François Hollande: Press Conference Bunga! Bunga!


President François Hollande gave a press conference yesterday. Almost at the same time the economic indicators put the country France he presides in the state of recession. To a close watcher of the State of affairs like me, it’s but natural to expect the President to address the issue. Did he? A reverberating NO! What he spoke then? In fact, it was more of a monologue for three hours. He tried to bring in feelings to his modulations; he chanted like an intelligent man, laughing at times, cool, thus trying hard to show that he was the real boss, the decider, the initiator, the creator of growth and that too right from the day of talking over the Presidency. Yes, he really tried! Attempted very hard! He touched on subjects that were not asked. He deviated in his reply to the issues that were raised. In short, President Hollande failed miserably. His efforts to pose himself as a plausible imposter did not click. He tried to pose as the President in need, that he is indeed but his efforts fire backed on him as the President in recede and that he is the least wanted indeed!

To any President in office, to do a press conference from l’Élysée is a pretty risky job indeed. This has always been this way, be it, whoever be in command. It’s something similar to ice skating. In both the cases absolute calmness of mind, clarity of aim, the success to capture the real expectation of the people are the essential factors of success. Precisely, President Hollande revealed his total lack of calmness, absence of clarity and even lesser to show that he understood the expectation of the Nation.

The first impression he gave was that he has not even firmly put his feet down as President despite a yer has passed by. A close observation revealed that his very posture called for a pity. In front of the entire media and the press he appeared to be a Hosni Mubarak in front of his Judges! His impatient movements equated him to a Sylvio Berlusconi in his mode bunga bunga! In other words, my grand-mother used to say that when one wants to hide something, it means that he deliberately has something to hide. President Hollande did exactly the same thing. He attempted to hide his failure to deliver positive developments; his attempt delivered him out of his hide only throwing open that he has indeed things of national importance to hide.

François, the boss, was he decisive this 16th May presser? Yes, he was by reasoning still as the Ex-First Secretary of the Socialist Party and not as the real President Hollande. Instead of taking decisions as President, he tried to look for the impossible consensus in his answers. Yes, he was, when he answered questions that were not asked. Yes he was, when he replied not to the questions that were asked.

One important question that was put to him was on the impact of Euro and how he would like to decisively tackle it? This François transported us to the other François – President Mitterrand – some 30 years back! His previous comrade of that time was the first time President from the left to be then in office. That was the time when Euro currency was taking shape. This François continued in reply to the question saying that François had to choose between a Jacques Delors and a Jean-Pierre Chevenement. The former was a staunch pro-euro, pro ratification of treaty of Maastricht, a faithful follower of the German way; the latter’s vision prescribed to strengthen the French industrial growth; to have strong relationship with all our neighbors. Thus, this François was decisive in demonstrating how that François showed clarity in deciding. Confusing? Any problem? Nay, it is simple. President Hollande tried to make a profit and loss statement of the European Commission, thus trying to distance himself from the present day problems. Thus, he never answered direct questions. However, he failed not to cry foul and persisted to paint all disasters of his predecessor Sarkozy’s regime has created! In his fool-the people effort, his fooling has fooled himself thanks to my grandmother’s theory.

To another question on the list of achievements of his government till now, he made a list – necessity to simplify further the administrative procedure to ensure growth; he described how the population is a force (ageing in poverty is a force!?); the right to vote for foreigners in France to have been postponed for discussion after the ensuing Municipal elections. Any coherence in his answer to the question asked? In short, to President Hollande, the Nation France is not the problem but a solution! Youpi! Bravo! Olé! President Hollande has launched his slogan! France – the universal solution!

Again to back track once again to the other François , Mitterrand the President of that time, at least, he knew the art how to nicotine with elegance and consistency! Today’s François Hollande, the President has a lot to learn. To pose as a plausible imposter to be causing developments needs much more training.

One significant point he made was on foreign policy. There is a little truth in what he said. France still has some credibility left to have a say in issues of world’s interests. But, to say, as he said, that France has to further strengthen the Germano-French relationships is like imposing friendship where it is less recognized. Germany sees France as burden. The French largesse to rescue the failing euro-zone members is not to the taste of the Germans. The latter minces no words while asking France to first sweep at its door step rather than trying to put in order its fellow members. What is there to develop in this tangent?

While President Hollande was miserably failing in his media-show, as usual, the most important thing happened elsewhere: The National Assembly just removed the word “race” from the Constitution! Reason? Our intelligent law-makers think that with this removal, “racism” can better be controlled! It’s like prescribing Band-Aid to cure cancer!

Dear President Hollande and your elected colleagues, there is more urgency to remove the words “debt”, “unemployment”, “recession”, “politically paid thugs”, “violence” to better find solutions to the problems that this dear and old country France faces. May be, Dear President, I have given you the theme for your next press conference from l’Élysée? Respectfully beware Mr President, if you will not, the people on the streets will show you how to handle these burning issues.


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