Angelina Jolie: Saint Agatha reincarnated


Saint Agatha, Our Beloved Virgin Girl,

You suffered torture on your tits, Oh Girl!

Your bore the sufferings as you loved God, Oh Girl

Pray for us, to our Beloved God, oh! You, the God-Girl,

You are God now, We pray unto you, Amen!

These were the words of litany pronounced as homage to Saint Agatha who suffered at the hands of her Roman cousin. This atheist plucked her breasts by pulling hard on her tits using a cutting player. He wanted to test if really God came to protect His devout.

Born in the 3rd Century in Sicily (southern Italy) Agatha could not get, like Angelina Jolie, prosthesis like today’s PIP (Poly Implant Prosthesis). Neither, there were plastic surgeons to silicon her glands. Yet she was cured of the wounds by the Apostle Peter, it is said, when he visited her in the prisons. Certainly, Peter ought to have been very hoary and very much grey hairy, because, he having known Jesus Christ who told him…you are henceforth be known as Peter–the Strong Willed like and in this stone earth…! He ought to have had been, at that time itself some 250 years old! Never mind. Let this be a legend, a slice among the many legends that we know.

Thus, since at least 48 hours the media et al talks about Angelina Jolie, as, the Hollywood reincarnation of the very Saint Agatha! She is shown on all screens with the fronts of her ribcage shown all the more visibly! In a declaration to the New York Times, she said “to have undergone double mastectomy in order to reduce exposing herself to the risk of breast and ovarian cancer.” Her mother suffered from both the cursed ailments and succumbed to the same, she added. Her doctors opined that she ran 87% risk to develop similar type of cancer. To prevent any such eventuality, she confided, to have taken the fore-front steps to floor-plane her busts. The floor was immediately filled with two pretty silicon cushions giving her the double advantage: to distance herself from the wretched cancer threat and from the despicable loosening of her natural attract-tights towards gravity! Precisely, her actions and words have moved the very planet. Women, in general, acclaimed her courage. “Angelina Jolie confirms to have ablated her breasts: a message of hope for women:” tweeted a lady.

Another lady on RTL radio said: “Angelina Jolie is a model to emulate. All women who sense to run a risk of breast cancer should voluntarily remove the natural one only to replace with silicon…: up to this ok. But the following…” and that the Social Security should take the full costs at its charge under its regime prevention treatment program’! Really! Ben voyons! Why not to let men to replace their life-candy for fear of risk to their testicular cancer? Why not replace la zigounette of papa to prevent his prostate? Why not substitute the lungs of the uncles who smoke aqay their lives? Why not supplant the liver of the cousin Raul or Rahul who is 15 and drinks like a fish swimming all his way to the gallery dethering himself? Why not….? Why not…? I can ask.

The sickening part is that the bimbo-journalist encouraged the nonsense on Social Security to foot the bill! Already debt-stricken, the SS is threatened of its very survival! SS is meant to pay and treat natural illness. For preventive treatment when medically proved and not hypothetically parroted by a team of selected doctors! The bimbo behind the idiot box called for more listeners support! Many without even understanding the issue just called in to say, yes I am for! I am for! The opinion became an instant tel-poll! Journalistic morons like the bimbo spread venom due to their incompetence! In the midst of this opinion-concert-stupidity, there was this master-stroke! A protest voice that matched out! Whose? Who else than our Christine Boutin, the ex-Minister for Housing, also entwined in preaching religion. She mocked at Angelina! Yes, she – Christine, who has as much seins (breasts) and as much Saints for re-sale! She mocked at our modern Agatha, our beloved Angy. Mrs Boutin fingered a small tweet: Angelina has removed her boobs! Only to resemble men! Lol! Laugh as it is too sad to weep! Twitter and face-book exploded with protests. Boutin retrieved her tweet! It was too late! The damage was done! Here lies the entire problem: the political class dips tweets as it drips urine – three drops and retreat! Their ridicule kills more than what cancer does! I must say that the likes of Boutin and her fellow-political-ilk are to be regretted than they regret for their deeds!

In regard to Mrs Jolie it’s not rocket science to decipher. She says for fear of not succumbing to eventual risk of cancer! Oh! Really! Mam, you did succumb to the pressures of your Hollywood producers; to the prescriptions of your insurance agents! Thanks to these esthetic-hygienists we have as actresses women remodeled and plasticized. Morality: Pristine beauty-by-nature petrified to price tags of beauty-by-torture!

All these replacement drama reveal the behind-the scene-spot fixing in broad day light. The US Medical Journal, in its February 2012 edition gives a simple solution to the Angelina syndrome. I will share that here with you all in all confidence: It is proved that a gentle massage of breasts by affectionate hands as a fore-play to the games under bed-sheet is the best preventive and pro-active means to save from risks of breast cancer!

Ma Cherie Angelina, you may let and get to that play now! It’s also too late like the moronic late regrets of Boutin!



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