Sharia and the Mali Experience


It is being said and written that majority of Muslims, worldwide, would like to have sharia system of law. If this is truly the case, why, then, the people of Mali, Muslims in majority, welcomed the French army as God sent liberators? If the sharia claim holds any truth in it, Mali should have taken the French intervention as an invasion and used the occasion to really make sharia the law of the land! Mali did not do it. Why is it so?

Some points as answer….

The reality is that, majority of Muslims ignore the true content and nature of their religion. The contents to them are known by the oft repeated selective phrases by a handful of self-styled religious scholars. For multiple reasons, these preachers wish that Muslims just take their recitals rather than reading by oneself. The preachers keep repeating “….Islam is a religion of peace. Islam is compatible with the philosophy of human rights. Islam is not misogynous.”

If we exclude Saudi Arabia, Sudan, the mullahs of Iran, Afghanistan under the Taliban and recently on the north of Mali, sharia system is not strictly applied elsewhere. As a result, Muslims who live in other countries than the one I refer to take modernity as Islam. They say to be horrified to see the amputations, flagellation  the burka as dress code etc…These are nothing to do with Islam! They protest.

Why this ignorance? Just because they are not told the truth — such as it’s an obligation for a woman to veil herself, to step out only in the company of a male tutor, obligation to flock among the same sex, to cut the hand of rapists, to latch alcohol consumers that are very much prescribed in the Koran  In fact, each religion carries with it some feelings of integrity….

When I see the joy of the Malians when they were being rescued by the French soldiers, I am remembered of a theory propounded by an Algerian sociologist in the 1990’s which said: In order to settle once in for all the question to have a State of Islam that is said to be the dream of majority of Algerians, the way out is to let the Islamist to run the State. Thus the so called majority and the others will discover the true face of Islam, its state and its idealism  This sociologist described this as a “fertile regression”, a sort of compulsory purgatory!  

We see the same tragic experience being lived by our friends in Tombouctou. Will at least now the Mali experience expose the “fertile regression” and to awaken people to see the reality and change the trend to a productive progression? The ground reality does not show such a trend… It will be possible only when the Muslims as a majority change their mentality not to give in to the brain washing clergies only to swallow, spit and vomit. They should see the happenings around them. This change alone can be the combined passport and visa to the flight of collective progress! 


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