The first lady or The First crazy!


Say what one may want to say, the French President Hollande did succeed, in that one thing where his rival did fail indeed! And “that thing” is? Hollande: triumphed unemployment? Caused economic boom? Vanquished insecurity? Nothing of the sort! Well, he is not père noël either to cause miracles!

Yet he did do “that thing”. He succeeded to impose upon the Indian Government to welcome his “mistress” Valery with State honors meant only for that of a first lady! Carla the ‘that time” girl friend of Sarkozy did not get the same royal status. Later Sarko and Carla got married.

Nevertheless the Indian diplomacy and protocol underlined this inconvenience to l’Elysee. Hollande and his office let the Indians know dare and dry, to treat Valery as the first lady and that’s it! India obliged! Period. This is how Hollande is. He is resolute when he wants. On things dear to him, he makes his choice only to put his interlocutor under his belt! He seemed to have faced no big hurdles, did he? When it comes to the State affairs, the same President becomes sissy.

Soon after his election, the State concubines graciously accepted a supplier’s sponsoring to Baleares. It was a stingy sojourn for a Presidential couple. To François Hollande the President it was enough for his per oxidized mistress. She knows that he treats ker like an used cloth. This is why Valery imposes herself. Carla too saw similar side in Sarkozy, She enforced. Sarko made her his legitimate wife. The officialdom compelled Carla not to wag her tail too much after! She had to confine to her role of first lady. Let us be a little sympathetic with Hollande! He controls not many things as President! Let us leave him at least this liberty to have the posture of a control on his last coquette of Valery!

Say what one may, the fact is that Valery was received in India with all State honors due to her status. Has she one as such? Even if yes it’s ill- defined. Call her the State Mistress to the President of France? A concubine? A bed mate? Here is the main problem. Valery, the lady, you need to keep her under control. She did not even dream that one day she too could become the first lady! Valery, the lady, she is abrasive, independent, hot and rebellion. To such a libertine the official receptions, protocols, to sport a plastic smile are not natural likings. Life is difficult for her in any confinement! She needs – how to explain that – ah yes – she needs to be a free bird. This trip to India gave her that liberty. She could hug a few poor to the warmth of her bosom. On her return she was seen in the defile of haute couture at Dior’s and Yves Saint-Laurent in the company of Bernard Arnault, the Prince of Monaco with his Princess. She tries hard to make over the hard image she created before election. She does everything to make forget her famous tweet on Ségolène the previous concubine of the President through whom she is mother of four. People refused to bear the arrogance of Valery on her treating Ségolène the way she did! So after the elections, Valery even went to France Inter radio to say, that, for her the title first lady seemed out dated and she even preferred to be called as the “sweet heart” of the Republic! So cute! So cute! So brute!! So crazy!!!

Seeing her childish behavior, her crazy statements, is not that President François needs to throw her like wild card if her presence, her acts and her actions become really embarrassing to the point of no return? Are you listening Mr. President?



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